Inscriptions Tool

The BRCport Inscriptions Tools represent a suite of advanced components specifically designed to streamline the processes of token creation, inscription, and the integration of digital art onto the Bitcoin network.

Key Components

  1. Inscriptions UI : The Inscriptions UI serves as the central tool for token creation and inscription. It is a groundbreaking tool designed to simplify and automate the once-complex tasks of deploying and minting BRC-20 tokens, as well as creating inscriptions.

  2. Smart Contracts for Token Deployment : BRCport employs factory smart contracts to facilitate the deployment of BRC-20 tokens. These contracts define the rules and parameters for the creation of new tokens on the Bitcoin network.

  3. Inscription Algorithm : An advanced inscription algorithm is integrated into the Inscriptions tool to guide users through the process of creating inscriptions for digital art. The algorithm ensures efficiency and accuracy in the inscription creation process.

  4. Decentralized Storage for Digital Art : Digital art inscriptions are stored in a decentralized manner, utilizing technologies such as decentralized file storage systems or blockchain-based storage solutions. This ensures the immutability and accessibility of inscribed digital art.


  1. Accessing the Inscriptions UI : Users access the Inscriptions UI, which will be available through a dedicated interface within the BRCport ecosystem.

  2. Token Deployment : Users initiate the token deployment process by interacting with the smart contracts through the Inscriptions Bot. This involves specifying token details, such as supply and initial parameters.

  3. Inscription Creation : The Inscriptions Bot guides users through the inscription creation process. Users follow prompts to provide relevant information, such as metadata for digital art, which will be inscribed onto the BRC20 network.

  4. Smart Contract Execution : Upon completion of the inscription creation process, the Inscriptions tool triggers the execution of smart contracts responsible for deploying the new BRC-20 token and inscribing digital art onto the BRC20 network.

  5. Decentralized Storage Integration : Digital art inscriptions are securely stored in decentralized storage solutions, ensuring resilience, immutability, and accessibility. Users may receive a unique identifier or link to access their inscribed digital art.

Security Measures

  1. Smart Contract Audits : The smart contracts responsible for token deployment and inscription undergo rigorous audits to identify and rectify vulnerabilities. Audits ensure the security and reliability of the codebase.

  2. Decentralized Storage Security Protocols : Security protocols are implemented to safeguard the decentralized storage of digital art inscriptions. This may include encryption, access control mechanisms, and other measures to protect user data.

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